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Can I come to the FMM even if I don't know nothing about games?

Of Course! The spirit of the festival is about gathering people together so they can learn and discover from one another while having fun!
Furthermore, many initiation sessions are scheduled all the week end for you to try new games and activities, all of which will be carried by passionnate and professional players.

What is the entry fee for the festival?

The FMM is a free entrance festival ; everybody is welcome!

How can I register to an event?

To register for a paying competition, you can buy your ticket in advance on our Online Shop, otherwise, you will have to pay for your registration directly to the Inscription Table at the FMM.

Do I have to own a DCI number to take part into a Magic: The Gathering du FMM competition at the FMM?

Yes. You will have to give your DCI number at the Inscription Table when you register for an event. However, it is possible to create a new DCI number at the FMM, asking the Judges ; it only takes a few minutes!

What can I buy with the TIX I win at tournaments during the FMM?

Each TIX is worth 1$ in credit store at both Le Valet d’Cœur and at L’Expédition. Each store will have a large variety of MTG Singles and Sealed product on site.